Air Standard

General air freight service. Your agent books space on flights that offer speed relative to other non-air-freight options, as well as reduced pricing. If available, we provide you alternative solutions.

Air Priority

A worldwide solution for time critical air freight. Your goods are prioritized – average of one to two days for worldwide door-to-door delivery. Best transit times for Europe, China, Asia, and the USA. Prompt answer 24/7.

Next Flight Out

With contracts and rate agreements with all the major airlines around the world, your freight will be sent on a scheduled and where possible, direct flight to ensure the fastest possible solution to your delivery needs.

Onboard Courier

Worldwide service of hand delivery courier by plane: ideal for time critical freight and fast delivery of small parcels up to 30 kg each, max. 100 kg overall. Fast and safe transport solution for urgent or delicate deliveries that require special care.

Import/Export customs clearance

We offer a full range of Customs services for both Import and Export transactions. Also we can guide you through complex regulations and offer best practice guidance and a range of solutions to all your Customs needs

Rail Freight

We dedicate important resources in the growth of a continuously increasing market of rail grouped cargo, offering our customers the potential of sending shipment from and towards all destinations.